College Counselling

The college counsellor works with students from Grades 9-12 in order to support them as they search for prospective colleges/universities and careers in a variety of countries. Our students attend higher education in many countries worldwide, mostly in Germany, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and Switzerland.  The goal is to help match the student’s individual hopes, wishes, interests and talents with the most suitable post-secondary choice. Information, advice and guidance are offered throughout the entire selection and application process.

Information Resources

The ISH College Application Handbook complements the collaboration between the student and the college counsellor. It contains an overview of the various steps students (and their parents) need to take and consider in order to have a sound transition from ISH to post secondary education.  Therefore, it is strongly encouraged that students and their parents familiarize themselves with the content of the handbook as it provides orientation, valuable information, and additional resources.

The College Counsellor receives college literature and free test preparation booklets, scholarship and financial aid information on a frequent basis. In addition, a selection of books on college relevant topics such as application essays, campus visits and interviews, etc. are available in room 114 or in the Library.

Furthermore, students are encouraged to seek information about colleges/universities through conventional channels (the World Wide Web, libraries, campus visits, etc.)  At ISH students may also find it helpful to talk to members of the faculty and administration, as well as the parent community.

ISH Events and visitors

Students should also make strong efforts to attend extra activities within the school e.g. visitors from universities, college nights, and fairs and exhibitions that the school supports or arranges trips to, e.g. College Fairs. Many university representatives pay us visits and they can provide information not just about their college but about universities in general. They are used to and very open about answering general enquiries from students and parents. Please keep yourself informed about visitors to the school. Information is posted in various places like the notice boards next to the counsellor’s office, the newsletter, etc.

ISH Graduates/Alumni

I am also interested to hear from students who have graduated from ISH and who are currently in higher education. It would be very helpful if you were willing to share your experiences of your transition from school to university. Should you be an ambassador for your university you are most welcome to visit ISH with your presentation. Graduates from university are requested to get in touch, especially if they would be willing to communicate with our existing students who may be applying to or enrolling in the university you attended. Why not register today for our Alumni Network.


Birgit Preu
College Counsellor

Tel: +49 40 8000 50 143

Available Tuesdays through Thursdays


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